Do You Know Where You're Wasting Money on Taxes?

If you have not had a Tax Saving Discovery session with a Tax Strategist then you don’t have a tax plan!

Phase 1


What Is A Tax Savings Discovery Session?

The Tax Savings Discovery session is exactly what it sounds like! 

We dig into YOUR situation to determine where tax savings can be found.

From the Discovery meeting a tax plan is produced to provide a targeted, specific, strategic plan on the ACTION you need to take to reduce your tax bill.

Phase 2


What Happens After My Tax Plan Has Been Implemented?

This is what sets us apart from the rest of the pack.

 We take the time to walk with you on the journey of implementation. Effectively, we build a “bridge” together to bridge the gaps and capture tax savings that you have been losing.

The average CPA is focused on completing tax returns that only show where you have been with not much thought about where you are going and what you should be doing. Honestly, they just don’t have the time to spend with their clients in a collaborative role.

Phase 3


How do you maintain the best tax savings year over year?

Now that we’ve used the IRS Tax Code more effectively to reduce your tax burden now it’s time to proactively maintain those tax savings.

Tax laws are constantly changing but more importantly YOUR business is constantly improving and changing. 

Being proactive with a strategy focused accountant is key to ensuring you are operating efficiently in your business from a tax perspective.

Average Tax Savings of $20,862 Per Client Per Year!

What would you do with an extra $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or MORE?
Find out what your Tax Savings Can Be by booking a Complementary Discovery Session

3 Reasons To Hire Me

You Pay Too Much in Taxes

You work hard for your money and you can do better things with your money than paying taxes!

You Deserve Proactive Advice

You cannot remember the last time your CPA brought you a tax reduction strategy!

You Deserve to be Educated

Implementing a comprehensive tax strategy is an educational process that helps you better understand the impact that taxes have on your bottom line and how you can better manage that reality!


The IRS has stated that you have a right to a "Fair & Just Tax System."

But what is fair and just about a tax code that takes 73,954 pages to explain? Don’t overpay by not being aware of tax reduction strategies that you could be using.

The General Accountability Office (GAO) states that 2.2 million taxpayers overpaid on taxes by nearly $1 billion just by taking the standard deduction!

If that much money was wasted on that one simple mistake, how much is being wasted in other places?

"I slept better than I had in literally 2 months after my first meeting with Chris where he showed us how one strategy would help us save significant tax dollars!"
Scott W.

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