Stages of Tax Planning

Stage 1

Creating Your Tax Reducing Strategies

After your decision to hire us, we gather information and evaluate things like legal structure, deduction optimization, and retirement and insurance solutions to uncover available strategies.

Once we craft the plan, we present it to you and teach you how to you implement and maintain your savings strategies.

Stage 2

Implementing Your Tax Reducing Strategies

After you have reviewed the plan and understand the procedures, you may choose to engage our services to assist you in implementing the strategies.

This stage is critical to capturing tax savings. You can choose to engage us to help you or you can execute them through your own means.

For our clients who choose to work with us,  we provide a structured process and act as accountability partners with you to execute the strategies within a specified period of time so you can start capturing tax savings.

Stage 3

Maintaining Your Tax Reducing Strategies

Once the strategies have been implemented, periodical reviews must be scheduled.

Reviewing ensures that strategies remain the most optimal solution for current circumstances and to confirm correct implementation.

For our clients who choose to work with us, we provide ongoing support and  assurance of the capture of tax savings. 

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