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10 Tax Tips You Can’t Live Without

I saw a meme recently that said “If you see me talking to myself please forgive me. I’m not crazy. I’m just self-employed and I’m probably just having a staff meeting!” The reality of being self-employed means you are EVERYTHING in your business. And that can be overwhelming when you are responsible for technology, marketing,

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How to Deduct Cruise Ship Conventions and More

If you want to attend a convention, seminar, or similar meeting onboard a cruise ship and deduct all your costs, you face some very special rules. But it can be done. When you know the tax code rules, you will find an enlightened workaround that removes almost all the hassle and gives you what you

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Establishing an Accountable Plan in Your Business

Establishing an Accountable Plan in Your Business Do you have employees? Are you an employee? (Remember, your business is an S or C corporation, you are an employee of the corporation.) We ask about employees because with an accountable plan, tax rules give both the employer and the employee tax breaks. It works like this:

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